The Israeli Audience discovered in the recent years the distinctive voice and personality of Shai Tsabari.

Through his collaborations with artists such as Berry Sakharof, Ensemble "Adumei Hasefatot" and the latest album of Idan Reichel, as well as through concerts with his acclaimed band - The Middle-East Groove All-Stars.

A unique vocalist who is responsible for these voices, shouts, whistles and applause now moves to center of stage and brings a new spirit to the words of ancient poets Rabbi Saadia Gaon to Ibn Gabirol to Ahuva Ozeri, a show whose charm is breaking the barriers between the artist and audience and combines the traditional and the contemporary.

Shai's cooperation with Ahuva Ozeri "Me'Alai Demama", the theme song of an album tribute recently released, which is attended by Berry Sakharof, Ehud Banai, Maor Cohen, Rona Kenan and more. The song became a hit in the Israeli radio stations and was highly regarded among critics and music lovers.

The Middle-East Groove All-Stars are renowned for their uplifting performance and unique blend of Middle Eastern grooves and melodies, Klezmer elements, and psychedelic rock, creating an ecstatic and joyful experience for their fans.